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And the Oscar Goes Laura Rossi Totten


When I was single and living in New York City, I loved attending my friend G’s annual Oscar party.  We had fun eating, drinking, laughing, and of course commenting on the fashions and celebs.   The Red Carpet Pre-Show was always our favorite part of the night.

After I left NYC and got married, I continued the tradition with friends and eventually I became the host. 

Over the years, my preparations have grown more complex and more involved.  Now my parties include thematic menus that relate to the Best Movie Nominations and festive drinks, too.  This year was The Tree Of Life.  My menu included Meatloaf and a Cheesy Mashed Potato Recipe.  Food that is good for the soul is always a crowd pleaser. 

Of course, now-a-days the best part of my Oscar party celebrations are the Pre-Show and Pre-Red Carpet Preparations I do with my daughter, J.


And this year was the best one yet!

Since J is 9 now, she knows a lot about fashion and beauty and glitz and glam.  The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and so J loves makeup and pretty things just like me.  And like me she playing dress-up and so, for the first time ever, I turned over the reins to her last night and she embraced being my stylist (and her own!) with grace, charm and a fashionista instincts that can only be genetic!

So, while our special dinner was baking in the oven and our drinks were chilling, J escorted me upstairs and worked her magic.

First, she selected my Oscar Fashion Look:

  • Sleek black leggings
  • An Embellished Tunic Top
  • A Black Mini Skirt
  • Silver Sandals (with a low heel b/c I had just run 5 miles!)

Next, she focused on Makeup:

  • A sheer foundation
  • Sparkle for my eyes -- silver, green-gold and yellow eye shadow
  • Black Kohl Eyeliner and a Deep Black Mascara
  • A fantastic combination of peach blush and a sparkle sheer bronzer
  • Red tinted lip-gloss

Finally, it was time for Hair:

  • Smoothing lotion
  • Hair spray
  • And of course, a red carpet worthy sparkly hair clip

Afterwards, she accessorized me with a cuff bracelet, a statement necklace and hoop earrings plus perfume too.  Finally, she replicated the entire process on herself and poof -- we were two starlets ready to hit the Red Carpet.

Putting J in charge was so much fun, so girly, a real Mother - Daughter bonding moment.  We every second together until the clock struck 9:30am and J’s bedtime arrived.

Back in our pjs, and snuggling in her pink bed we giggled at the faux paparazzi pictures and I felt like I had won an Oscar -- I’m so lucky and blessed to have such an incredible little leading lady!

I can’t wait for the 2013 Oscar extravaganza.  Here’s to girls having girl fun!

Laura Rossi Totten is a blogger and a public relations expert. Her blog My So-Called Sensory Life: 365 Unexpected Gifts from Motherhood ( celebrates the daily gifts of motherhood.  Laura and her writing have been featured many places including NPR ‘s WRNI-FM,,,, The Chronicle of Higher Education,, Just Be Enough and more. Follow her on Twitter @BookPRGirl or Pinterest or visit

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