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Sometimes you see someone do something and you think, "Wow, why didn't I think of that?" Here are a couple of tricks that we heard people use to solve some everyday annoying problems.

Have you ever had a zipper that just didn't work correctly on a pair of pants? It just wouldn't stay closed? Take a very thin loop off of your key chain and weave it onto the clasp of your zipper. Then using the loop, zip the zipper and then place the loop around the button of your pants and the zipper will be forced to stay up! No more embarrassing moments!

Ladies this one is for you. When you travel with necklaces, do they all get tangled together? You have to sit and untangle them for hours once you arrive at your destination. A trick we recently saw was to use a straw! Simply put the chain or chains through a straw and they will be protected. You can tie the ends of the straw together to form a circle so that they don't fall out.

Do you have or use any cool home remedies that work? Any creative solutions that you can share with us?

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Comment by Radical Moderate on March 28, 2010 at 9:37am
A traveler's best friend? Zip-lock bags! I read about this online a few years ago, and have found that these bags are useful for so much more than just storing food.

I swear by them, especially now that you can get the huge ones that are large enough to hold even clothing. When we moved, I drove halfway across the country, with so much packed into a sedan, it was unreal. I packed coats in those big zip-lock bags to keep them from getting ruined, and by sealing out the air, they took up a lot less space than if we'd just tossed them in the back seat. In suitcases, zip-lock bags can hold all sorts of things and keep them neatly sorted, allowing you to get more inside each suitcase.

I'm still using those same big bags to this day for household storage, so they haven't ended up in landfills, either.

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