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Order Now!


It's finally here! Happy Chaos is on sale everywhere, and everyone at Moonfrye is so proud and grateful for all the love and support so far. 


What's even more exciting than seeing the book on store shelves everywhere? A very special Happy Chaos room on iTunes!

Now you can order your copy of the book, download Soleil's favorite tunes from her "mixtape", or even get to watch those beloved episodes of Punky Brewster all over again. Click here to view the Happy Chaos store on iTunes. 

And don't forget....

Our awesome iPad 2 giveaway is still on! 

The iPad 2 is a must-have device for all digital moms and dads. Learn alongside your kids with age-specific educational apps, keep track of your grocery lists and monthly budgets, stay connected with your friends and family through social media apps. Organize your photographs, keep your favorite soundtracks on hand everywhere you go. Got one last a roadtrip or airplane ride on your summer schedule? Download your kids' favorite shows or movies and enjoy a few minutes of peace and quiet!

Best of all, you can read your copy of Happy Chaos right on your cool is that? 

Entering is easy. Order your copy of Happy Chaos on iTunes HERE  ,  attach your receipt HERE (or email and you're automatically entered to win!


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Comment by Erin Hiemstra on August 29, 2011 at 9:54am
I really hope there's a mention of Girl Talk in the book. It was only on air for one week, but I'll never forget it (and in fact still have it squired away on VHS somewhere). But it's the best footage of Soleil (and Sarah Michelle Gellar) and made my 10 year old self blissfully  happy for a full five days. Huge congrats on the book - you're an inspiration Soleil!

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