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Hotel Room Birthday Party and Piñata! Embracing the Happy Chaos.

So I have been talking a ton about Happy Chaos but what to you do when you are really in the throes of it? As luck would have it the book came out at the same time as Poet's birthday. I knew that I couldn't be in N.Y.C. without my baby girl for her 6th birthday. So after much soul searching we decided we should bring the whole family, we found some great deals and were on or way. My girls, my big brother, my nieces, my sister in law, the whole gang. Daddy even surprised her on her birthday morning. In the middle of the night before her b-day we decorated the hotel room with streamers and even a Pinata. Lucky for me, they had a Target in Harlem. It was literally one of the most special birthdays ever. She said this one topped all of them. So next time life throws you a curve ball or something unexpected, take a look inside and see if maybe you can turn into something special and perhaps full of Happy Chaos.



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Comment by Beth Bahr on August 29, 2011 at 11:13am

Love this! I know as parents we sometimes go crazy with throwing big, themed parties but sometimes something like this is more fun and special. This year my daughter turned 3. My husband and I had a gymnastics party planned for 3 days after she officially turned 3! However on her actual birthday I planned to bring cupcakes into her nursery school and have her school party. I made the cupcakes the night before. And we got hit with a blizzard-school was cancelled. Living in NYC I knew parents would want something to do-I emailed the class and invited everyone over who wanted to venture out. I had 10 kids, 10 moms, 24 pink cupcakes and 2 pizzas. That was it-no goody bags, no hired clowns, musicians, etc. While I know my daughter loved the party at the gymnastics place 3 days later-this truly showed me that it's really about being surrounded by people who love you and your kid(s). We'll still have the big parties i am sure, but the truth of the matter as long as there are loved ones around and a cake (and maybe pizza or sandwiches) that's what's truly important!

Anyway, I love what you did for Poet!

Comment by Reagan O'Hare on August 26, 2011 at 8:56am

Sounds like fun!!


Comment by Mr. Mrs. Juan Dedios Banda on August 26, 2011 at 8:01am
Who fianally broke it open, and did anybody (Solie) break anything LOL!!!!

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