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Moonfrye Family: Revealing Play by Sarah Helene

The best moments in parenting often arrive when I do nothing. I don’t talk. I don’t assist. I don’t offer help. I simply sit back, relax, and let time and space envelope us. When I do this, the magic happens. My son retreats into his fantastical toddler world, his focus narrows, and he becomes engrossed in play—the true sense of it—for hours. And I get to be the lucky observer.


As parents, we spend so much time with our children that we (think) we know everything about them. We indeed know their tired, cranky, and over-stimulated cues. We know their language and that “keer-e-al” means “cereal.” We know they can’t live without their favorite tow truck shirt, that ice cream sandwiches cannot safely be stored in the bottom freezer, and that fresh air always solves all bad moods. We always know when they need hugs the most. But despite this heightened awareness, do we really know their inner thoughts, what makes them tick?


When I have the opportunity to, in many ways, let time stand still and capture a glimpse of my son in his worldof unstructured, self-directed play I’m given my answer.


He is methodical in his thought processes.


He speaks out loud to organize his thinking linearly.


He goes through a few highs and lows ashe coaches, corrects, and pushes himself through fitting blocks, gears, and cranks together to make a working, moving masterpiece of parts.


He has the ability to persevere despite frustration.


He is an explorer, tinkerer, and experimenter.


He is comfortable with deliberate messes, yet hates unintentional ones.


He is conceptually attuned at making abstract connections.


He is a problem-solver.


He is an engineer.


He is a creator.


He is skilled like his Papa.


He is more competent than I give him credit for at the age of two.


He is his own bright light, not just my son/sun.

Sarah enjoys sharing the West Coast way of life—sun, sand, and a sense of balance—with her husband and toddler son, the Little Dude. Formerly a lawyer by day and aspiring creative type by night, Sarah now practices the art of motherhood, ongoing interior design, writing and editing, and Bravo TV watching from her home in Los Angeles, CA.  When she’s not cooking asparagus for her son (he eats it by the bunch),Sarah loves to grab lunch at LACMA, search for the perfect French bakery, bliss out at yoga, and drink the occasional mojito. You can also findSarah musing on motherhood at her blog Salt & Nectar and on Facebook and Twitter.

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Comment by Katie Hurley on March 28, 2012 at 10:59am

I love learning about my kids through their play.  I always accept an invitation, and aways let them direct me.  It's the key to their little souls...

Love this :)

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