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Moonfrye Family: The Can-Do Coach by Laura Rossi Totten


A wise teacher gave our family a gift one year ago -- she told our twins that inside of each one of us is a “Can-Do Coach.”  This Coach is there to help and encourage and cheer -- especially when there is a big challenge or goal.

I regularly remind the kids that they have a “Can-Do Coach” and we have lively discussions about how the Coach can help.  Frequently, my son will share a story about a triumph and will always remark that his “Can-Do Coach” helped out.  The best thing:  The Coach is an expert at everything -- math quizzes, sports, social situations and more.

I’ve always considered the “Can-Do Coach” a kiddo thing -- though I’ve secretly wished I had one.

Well, I’m happy to report I’m wrong!  Growns-ups do have “Can-Do Coaches” too.  Recently, I reported this discovery to the twins.  It went something like this:


ME:                 Hey guys, guess what?

M and J:          Yeah, Mom?

ME:                 Well, you know that I’m training for my first ½ marathon ever and that recently the runs have been getting harder and harder for me.  On my first big run, I realized I need some help because I started doubting myself and it was really, really hard.  And that is when my “Can-do Coach” showed up!

M and J:          WOW!  Are you kidding Mom? 

ME:                 No I am not kidding!  [Insert wink here].  When I felt like I couldn’t push myself and that maybe I had made a mistake trying to train for a 13.1 mile run, my “Can-Do Coach” jumped right in and gave me a pep talk.  I heard all the works we say to you two and I knew deep down that I could do it.

M and J:          Well Mom, it sounds like you need to always remember you CAN-DO-IT and sometimes even Moms need a coach to remind her.


Now, when I go for my long weekend runs, I remember to bring along my water, my ipod and most importantly my “Can-Do Coach” -- sometimes we all need a voice telling us we CAN do it.  And that is a lesson for all ages.


Laura Rossi Totten is a blogger and a public relations expert. Laura’s writing has been featured in many places including the NPR station WRNI-FM GalleyCat/MediaBistro named her a “2011 Best Book Publicity and Marketing Twitter feed.”  She’s been profiled on and  Visit Laura’s blog My So-Called Sensory Life: 365 Unexpected Gifts from Motherhood and her website Laura Rossi Public Relations.   Follow her on Twitter @BookPRGirl.  Laura is on Pinterest

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Comment by BookPRGirl on March 26, 2012 at 8:24am

Hi Hillary. Thanks for the comment.  Don't laugh but you already have a "Can-Do" Coach!  She's the one that made you write this comment. LOL.  Seriously, I discovered two things to  make this philosophy work for me:  1) I write a TO DO list every day  and 2)  I shut out the voice with the excuses and focus on the Must-Do tasks.  Finally, I've been known to actually say out loud to myself YOU CAN DO THIS!  I hope this get your Can-Do Coach helping you the laundry, work out and more. Have a great day.  

Comment by Hillary on March 25, 2012 at 1:39pm

I definitely need a Can-Do provides the extra push some of us need and leaves no room for excuses--  I'm the excuse queen. There are always so many reasons why I can't work out, why I simply cannot do my laundry, etc...Where do I find this coach? lol.  In other words, how do you get started?

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