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Moonfrye Family: The Summer Bucket List--What's on Yours?

Source: via Ocean on Pinterest

This time last year, I put together my summer bucket list as a way to organize all my grand plans and ideas for summer vacation. Some of them I got to cross off, some of them never quite got done. But my family and I had the best time thinking of ideas and tackling those summer bucket list items one by one. So this year, I'm writing another one! A few of last year's items made my list again, plus some new ones we're excited to try.


1) Go on a fairy hunt (thanks, Soleil, for the idea!)

2) Build a sandcastle...the real kind, with turrets and a moat ;)

3) Take a family road trip

4) Make perfect guacamole

5) Have a lemonade stand

6) Dance in the rain

7) Stop worrying about how I look in a bathing suit

8) Block party with the neighborhood!

9) Go on a family included

10) Stargaze be continued. Because there are so many more great bucket list items out there, I just need a little help thinking of them all. Leave a comment below and tell me what's on YOUR bucket list this summer!

Jenny Feldon is a writer, blogger and full time mom. She loves coffee, yoga, fashion, and anything pop culture. When she's not kid wrangling or standing on her head, she writes. A lot. Follow her adventures on her personal blog, Karma (continued…). Jenny’s also a social media addict; come say hi on Twitter and Facebook!

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